EUROPE...What an Adventure!!!
You know, I've spent a lot of time saying things like 'someday', or 'I want to',
'I would like to', 'if only I could' know the routine.  For a lot of years,
my desire was to spend time and/or live in Europe...go to school.  Some folks
didn't believe I would ever get there.

Then, things happened to change that.

And I knew it would happen.

Europe bound, with a backpack, a EuroRail Pass, all the info and gear Rick
Steves supplied on his marvelous website, I set off on an AirFrance flight to
Dusseldorf, Germany, to begin the sojourn of a myself (a
journey of Discovery in so many, many ways.)

Thanks to a close and special friend I had never met before in person, but
knew from a friendship that blossomed in my language exchange site, I spent
a week in Dusseldorf, mostly exploring by myself the flavor and ambience of
this Economics/Marketing oriented city.  I walked all around the 'Ethnic
Quarter' - made friends with a Flower Shop Owner, and learned to say, "Wo
est Internet Cafe" (the internet cafe was very sleek and upmarket, with a
bar at the end, a waiter who came around to your cubicle where a flat screen
greeted you and got you coffee or drinks for a small fee; and where you
purchased time on an internet credit card slid the card into the computer and
worked away.

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