Okay - First Conversation/Opinion

Here I sit in America and have opinions about Northern Ireland and the island
in general...and, if you're a native of this Specialty God Creation, you just
might be thinking what the Blessed Jesus  I could possibly know (feel) about it
- and - maybe even, who do I think I am - typical American, etc...?  Yes?  

The lovely thing about it is that, to a large degree, you and I are in agreement.

a/I may never know, exactly, the Intensity of Feeling that your Experience
gifts you.  I do, though, know Intensity of Experience.  Once we share some
of the Intensity and the Experiences that created it, I believe we have
Common Ground for Conversation.  God's ground - grounds for Peace...One

b/I lived and worked in the Republic of Ireland - thank you God, for the
experience - too short a time.  Health reasons (a bad fall),  and grandbabies
brought me back to the States.

c/I spent - and continue to spend - major amounts of my time researching
1/from ALL sides that I can discover...from the far left to the far right.
2/I talk - and continue to have conversations with folks involved in resolving
what, I believe, is NOT a Catholic/Protestant issue; rather, it is what I call a
'SEPARATOR' - something used to separate for Control purposes.  It is
created, then repeated and repeated and repeated at many levels, thereby
affording the issue used/manipulated as a SEPARATOR a Reality all its own -
and, unfortunately, Some of Us will always simply believe what Someone tells
them.  It's easier and more comfortable for Many.

I believe that via many methods of communicating, We - Spirits in Human
Existence, expressing God through Relative Experience - can alter the
Spiritual Energy Matrix that is GodEnergy - and move our world to Peace.

That, for me, is enough for a beginning Conversation.

So join me in the BluesGypsy Cafe...pull up a Virtual Chair of Your
Choosing...place your favorite beverage beside You...oh - and see, there's a
lovely Cedar Chest in the far corner of the cafe?  If you'd empty your
Mind/Body/Spirit of any Judgements/Negativity/Hate into that chest, at least
until the conversation is done...

...then, should You care to...feel free to leave one or all in there when you exit
the cafe.  The Bits & Pieces in the chest are ground up fine and sprinkled on
the GM loving folks as Spiritual Healing (negative +ground up negative =
Positive!) (a joke, yes?)

So, that's it for today.  Learning from & with Us(You & me) in that kind of
Environment is a High better than any drug.  It lays the groundwork for
Sustainability and Survival for all those Loved Ones of Yours...y'know, the
one(s) you hug and hold on to for many reasons?

Here's the Way to the Cafe - got your facts and history and good stories


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Bluesgypsy Cafe...c'mon in!