Opinions and Stuff
Some Questions....
Two specific issues are dealt with in
depth on my site:

Northern Ireland and the
Conflict/Republic of Ireland


GMO/WTO and related (wow, that
takes in a massive amount of territory!!!)

I'll try my best to present both sides of
each story (and for many 'Story=Spin=
Altered/Subjective Truth).

Words are a passion of mine, as I speak
several languages.  I shall caution you,
again and again (yes, I'm a Nudge:-) to
look at, listen to, the words that are
written/said.  Look for
Euphemisms...Catch Phrases...all ways
to dress up the words...make you think
something is what it really isn't...Don't
just believe what someone else tells
you - no matter Who It Is.  Someone
once said, "If you see Buddha walking
down the street, run the other way."

Years ago, the phrase "Question
Authority" sprang up and people did
just that.  What happened?  Only the
Young Ones seem to do that now, with a
sprinkling of us old Baby Boomers -
what ever happened to all those Ol'
Hippies and Pseudo-Hippies?  Hmmmm....

So, I shall be providing you with links,
articles, pictures, anything that helps.  
On my Opinions & Stuff page may be
listed sites I find offensive,
off-the-wall, etc., however, they'll be
there, too...research and learning isn't
always pretty.  

That's it for now.  Building
So, here I am - with my own websites, albeit
amateur and ongoing...a learning process
and I am my own guinea pig - - - which is
eminently preferable to being someone's

I'll be saying throughout all my sites - that
I am one of the everyday folk in this
relative existence created by us & God.  I'm
a human who has done, on occasion, what
hasn't worked in relation to Who I Am.  
The experience of creating in each moment
Who You Really Are - and Being It - is us
expressing God...whether the experience
works or doesn't for us as humans, it is
what we created.  So, anyone reading
these pages and my personal opinions,
which I feel free to express in this
time/space warp called the Net, would
always, please, consider that as a given -
we all do, on occasion, what does not
work for us.

Come learn with me - both sides of every
and any issue.  Then we can reason
together.  We need only agree totally on
one thing:  Peace - so that the Everyday
Folk can do the following:  Be able to
arise in the Day...have gainful work and be
able to perform that work with Dignity,
and receive a just and Workable
wage...and return home to shelter that is
workable, with what is necessary to live in
that shelter as you would want to live in
your's...to love one another within that
shelter...be able to eat food free from
toxins known to cause dis-ease to humans
and our planet, but  kept in place so the
Lover, Profit, can orgasm from the
attention of those who court Him most

...to have time to renew and go Inside -
where we and God live.  To gain there
Understanding and Wisdom..and to learn
to Laugh and Pray...to learn to see You in
Another's eyes...

...and to be able to do all of that each
and every day.