FOOD...What's In it.  How is it processed?
                            Are we being told the Truth?
This page will contain essays on Food.  

Let me say from the beginning that I love Food.

From sturdy German/Irish stock, researching the optimum way
for me to get fit/thin has brought me to this Moment in which I
know two basic factors combine to achieve my own Fitness:  
How much/what I eat & how much/how I move.  Period.

May I also say that I am an Passionate Researcher.

Full Awareness, in so far as I am able, is my goal, in the areas
I've chosen to
explore, experience & enhance.

And I absolutely, positively, love to read.  Eyeballs and hours
are my only limitations there.

So, I'm being/doing all of the above, and I notice that things are
not the way I perceive they might be for optimum health to be
achieved for we humans.

So I research - ALL SIDES.  
I talk to folks (something else I love to do.)  
I listen to the stories of other everyday people like my Self...
and I am looking squarely at the challenges - because if we do
not look squarely at the challenges now -  
prepare our Selves to answer hard questions -
and come up with workable solutions that will not devastate the
world in which our Grandchildren/children are living...
then what do we perceive they will inherit?

What we look at honestly and openly - All of Us - can be

So, this is a new site.  

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